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"In all the world there is only one you"


Exclusif Entertainment is a productions and promotions company for mass media,

performing arts, audio recording, publishing, education, promotional,

and special events.



Exclusif Entertainment is a productions, promotions and broadcasting company.


Exclusif Entertainment is a full entertainment and productions, promotions and broadcasting company. We offer services in photography, video, television, and film production. If you you need web or television commercials, trailers, music videos, documentaries, television shows, films, DVD photo albums, video biographies and more, we are able to provide it.


We produce and promote our own entertainment projects. Exclusif Entertainment is very active in local communities, and globally with our military communities. We also broadcast and operate our own web broadcasting network, EEWB TV.

John "JJ" James, celebrity dancer, choreographer, singer, actor, model, photographer



If you are looking for quality in products & service with reasonable prices, we are your company.

If you are looking for a company who is genuinely interested in helping you to be successful, we are your company.

If you are looking for a company to connect with that will help you to grow and develop as a professional, we are your company.



Compelled To Move Forward

Exclusif Entertainment started in August 2009. Denise Joyner, Founder & CEO owned a previous entertainment company similar to Exclusif Entertainment. Due to personal conflicts she closed down her company for about five years. After five years, Denise realized that she could not get away from the tug and pull of what she believed she was born to do, bring and share entertainment. She was compelled to move forward again in the world of entertainment.


Just The Three Of Us

In August 2009, Exclusif Entertainment began with an Executive Music Producer, Graphic Artist and the CEO. ...A home office and home audio recording studio. With just the three of them, Denise landed a recording contract with a church for $3000, a summer gig with the local Farmer's Market to provide the music, a standing contract with the local YMCA to promote a weekly Poetry Slam, concerts and special events, and signed her first gospel rap recording artist, Messenger.


Growth & Development

At present Exclusif Entertainment has moved into a production studio in downtown Columbia, SC, publishes a monthly online magazine, has developed four partnerships with other businesses and organizations, has a global web television network, EEWB TV, has started a Television & Film Club for mi ddle & high school students, and teaches a workshop for youth and adults - "Preparing For Success".





Our mission is to be a global leader in producing and promoting quality, affordable, personalized and purposeful entertainment and events with excellence and professionalism for those who want to be inspired creatively. To present and develop the uniqueness of each talent. To offer our employees, contractors and interns continual advanced opportunities, and to retain a steady financially stable, growing company.





  • Exclusif Entertainment Studios
  • EEWB TV Network
  • Exclusif Studio Productions
  • Effect Video Productions
  • One Stop Photography
  • Looking Glass Productions
  • Nightstand Publications
  • Exclusif Entertainment Records
  • Swanky Promotions