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Denise Joyner, CEO of Exclusif Entertainment has partnered with Dorothea Howard of McGuire Group, LLC to sponsor corporate Business Development seminars & workshops.

Denise Joyner, Exclusif Entertainment

Dorothea Howard, McGuire Group, LLC

Lissette "DJ L-Boogie" Flores

Nu Vizionz Promotions

Exclusif Entertainment has also formed a partnership with Lissette ("DJ L-Boogie") Flores of Nu Vizionz to produce & promote entertainment and business development projects..

Exclusif Entertainment has been a partner with Grow A Girl Network since 2012 for marketing, strategic planning, and videography.


Cheron K. Griffin is the Founder and President of Grow A Girl Network and Che' Media Group.


Exclusif Entertainment also partnered with Che' Media for photogrpahy, broadcast media and strategic planning.

Cheron K. Griffin

Grow A Girl Network &

Che' Media Group