Referral Program




"In all the world there is only one you"






For every person, group or organization you refer to us whose show is broadcast on EEWB TV, you will receive a $100 commission.





  • Speak to individuals, groups, organizations, ministries, etc. (Producer) whom you believe could benefit from broadcasting on our channel.


  • The Producer must submit a pilot episode


  • EEWB TV will receive the pilot episode. It must meet our requirements (see Production Policies) and be accepted by Exclusif Entertainment.


  • Once accepted, the Producer must pay the streaming fee. You will receive your commission from this first payment.


  • You will receive your commission within 24 hours of payment


  • This Referral Program only applies to Producers who contract for weekly, or daily shows.


  • You must have a PayPal account and a link


  • After signing up for the Referral Program, you will receive a Referral Code. Keep this code in a safe place. Give this code to everyone you refer. The Producer will use this code when paying his streaming fee. We will identify you by this code. Without this code you will not get a commission. Therefore, make certain your referral uses your code.



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