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God's Child the Messenger, Gospel Recording Artist, Exclusif Records
EEWB TV Network Logo
Exclusif Entertainment Music & Recording Artist
Denise Joyner, CEO. Frank Ski, Radio Personality. Cheron K. Griffin, Executive Producer
Exclusif Entertainment Volunteers
God's Child the Messenger, Gospel Rap Recording Artist, Exclusif Records
Jan Ison, CNS Television Producer. Cheron K. Griffin, Executive Producer. Denise Joyner, CEO
Dorothea Howard, TV Host & Executive Producer of "Let's Talk Sarcoidosis on the Road"
Dr. Addie, TV Host of "Wisdom Breaks with Dr. Addie"
Denise Joyner, CEO &  Dorothea Howard, CEO at 4C's Networking Event, Bowie, MD
Class Ac t Television & Film Club
Dr. Tameria Warren, Environmentalist & TV Web Host of "Green Roots"
"Preparing For Success" Workshop
HABAKA, 4 Octave International Classic BJ&G Vocalist & TV Web Host of "8 Track Mind"
Talk Show Host, Dorothea Howard & Professional Make-up Artist
Denise Joyner, CEO, EgyptX, Motivational Speaker/Author/Actor, Dorothea Howard, Talk Show Host
Behind the Scenes of "Let's talk Sarcoidosis On The Road"
Cheron K. Griffin- CEO & Executive Producer with Darian "Big Tigger" Morgan- Television and Radio Personality  in ATL
Kelsey Nicole of VH1 "Couple's Therapy" and Cheron K. Griffin, Executive Producer
God's Child the Messenger, Recording & Spoken Word Artist
"Real Talk" with Rashad Richey on 1380 WAOK in ATL. Interview with CEO & Executive Producer, Cheron K. Griffin II
Denise Joyner, Exclusif Entertainment CEO & Stepahnie Allensworth, Beverly Hills Talent Agent