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Web Streamimg

Interested in starting your own web series? Web streaming is available for weekly, monthly and daily programming. Your show will have a set day and time it will stream. EEWB TV is your personal promoter to help your show to be a success.

One Stop Video Production

One Stop video productions consist of an initial consult, photos and/or pre-video clips, editing, music, titling effects, scripting, voice over

30  sec                  $150.00

60 sec                   $200.00

Ask about PSAs

On The Spot Video Production

On The Spot video productions are shot at your location “on the spot”. It consists of an initial consult, concept, scripting, voice over, music, effects

30 sec                   $250.00

60 sec                   $300.00

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Live Action Video Production

Live action productions may include some or all of these: actors, location, set design, set production, wardrobe, costumes, make-up, hair style or design, scripting, editing, special effects,  lighting design & effects, audio design & effects

30 - 60 min            starting at  $3000 - up

Includes: quality production, concept/script, location, editing, original music, voice-over, special effects, actors 2-4



PSA, Infomercial, Documentary, Music Video, Television Show, Trailer, Teaser, Event Video, Testimonial, Interview Video, Video Profile, Video Biography, Review Video, Company Bulletin Board, Personal Greeting & Message, Slide Show, Demo Reel, Promotional Reel, Screencasting Video, Screen Capture Video, Speed-Drawing/Speed Writing Video, Brand Ambassador Services, Voice-over & Narration, Training/Instructional/Tutorial/How-To/Explainers Videos, Photo Album DVDs, Video Buisness Cards ...MORE


There are four Promotional Video Campaigns. They allow clients to have monthly video marketing services on a month-to month basis. Each Campaign consists of several different promotions you can choose from for that month. Clients pay one set fee per month. Campaigns range from $100 per month- up. If you are interested in Promotional Video Campaigns request more information.





CEO/ Executive Produce

Available for speaking and workshops


DE Management

Donna Mitchell

(803) 719-2760

Seminars & Workshops

Preparing For Success: "How To Get Out Of Stuck Places And Stop Running Into Walls" For Artists, Solopreneurs and Freelancers

3 hour event

10  minimum per workshop

30 maximum per workshop

(Ask about larger groups)

$300 per person

"Preparing For Success" Workshop is for artists, solopreneurs and freelancers who want to go to the next level of their business but feel stuck.

Television & Film Media Club

EEWB TV Television & Film Club is designed for ages 15 - adult who have an interest in being involved in video, television and film. It is designed for those who want to explore and perfect their skills and talents; and those who want to attain skills for media. It was created in the form of a club to provide an active as well as a learning environment for members.

$35 month

per person

Acting 101 For Theater, Television & Film Workshop

3 day workshops

Acting 101 is for actors who want to learn the essential and basic keys of acting for any medium; create their own distinctive image and style; enhance their performance; establish proficient artistry; and build self-confidence.


Ages    8-12

Minimum 10 per workshop

Maximum 15 per workshop


per person

($35.00 per day)

(Travel fee may be separate)

Ages   13-16

Minimum of 12 per workshop

Maximum  20 per workshop


per person  

($35.00 per day)

(Travel travel fee may be separate)

Ages    17-seniors

Minimum of 12 per workshop

Maximum 30 per workshop


per person  

($45.00 per day)

(Travel fee may be separate)

The Ministry of Entertainment

Seminar & Workshop


3 hours

Minimum of  30 per workshop

Maximum 500 per workshop

$35.00 per person

This seminar & workshop focuses on the ministry aspect of entertainment and not just techniques & skills. It takes a look at the role of staff and performers as ministers, the role of entertainment as a gift of helps to the mission of the church and the vision of the pastor.

It takes a look at entertainment in the bible and how Jesus experienced it and its influence. Forms and types of entertainment are examined.