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Preparing For Success Workshop

About Preparing For Success Workshops


Preparing For Success is a free workshop designed for start-ups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers and creative artists who want to move to the next level of their career/business. It is also for people who want to get started in their own business, freelancing, or as artists (musicians, vocalists, dancers, comedians, speakers, etc.). It is also for those who feel they have hit a wall, who feel stuck, who are stagnant, who have no since of direction, who feel all over the place, or who lack innovation and creativity, and who want to go go to the next level.


The “Preparing For Success Workshops” helps participants to identify their limitations and obstacles and address in order to move past them and move forward.


The workshop helps participants to:


  • Identify core self-limitating beliefs
  • Create a successful belief system
  • Create a strategy
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Develop strong operations
  • Develop a profitable financial plan


Each participant will leave the workshop with a follow-up support team to help them on their journey of success.


Workshop Cost: FREE





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