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Exclusif Entertainment Magazine is an international online magazine designed with the performer in mind. Created for the whole person; body, soul & spirit. We feature artists from Italy to Africa. Our readers span  from all over the globe.  We want you to shine and grow! If you have something to share let us know. If you have an idea you want us to cover, let us know! We are here for you! Whether you are a painter, writer, actor, editor, director, producer, promoter, caterer, make-up artists, hair stylist, animator or cartoonist; this magazine is for for!

Exclusif Entertainment Magazine

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Exclusif Entertainment Magazine


Exclusif Entertainment Magazine is an online magazine  specifically designed to encourage, inform, educate, inspire and support artists & those involved in the entertainment industry.

From learning bookkeeping, to  tips for acting in commercials, to opportunities for networking, to fashion, relationships, health & fitness- we're your resource.

...From news, sharing your poetry & spoken word poems, to entering contests, to having access to freebies- we're your resource.

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The magazine features columns such as: Mind Your Business, Health & Fitness, Fashion Statement, For Performers, Family Fun & Games, International News and Outspoken (for sharing poetry)... and more!

You are an intricate part of this magazine! Submit your stories, poems, spoken word, jokes, unique & original games, interesting photo stories, helpful tips, videos clips, graphics and more. To learn more information, be sure to subscribe!

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You matter to us! We care about  helping and encouraging you to grow as a person. Check here to see what we have set aside for you to make your life just a little better and brighter.


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